To put it simply, we make things that look and feel beautiful. We craft each project in such a way that you can't help but pick it up and stare into it. Whether it's a perfect-bound
200 page annual report, a custom die-cut business card
on heavy stock, or even a printed website, anything
Printed by Somerset® will be held to the same standard
of quality as every work of art that leaves out shop floor.

What makes a good printing company? Sure, a sheetfed UV offset printing press or fine letterpress printing is a good start. But a Scott, a Corey or a Murphy? To be honest, we don't know what we'd do without them. At our shop, the average employee (not that we like to call them average) has been working with us for about nineteen years. So, it should go without saying that when we find the right people, we hold on to them. After all, when you put together a great team, putting together a great product just comes naturally.

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